Thursday, 29 November 2018

guess my animal

This week me and my class has been doing a guess a animal by describing. here is my descriptive writing:

It has a big circle for its face and another semi-circle at the bottom of the circle for its chin. In the middle of the circle there is a big teardrop and the bottom of the teardrop there is a small oval for the nose. raw two eyes on the side off the face on each side . at the bottom off the chin there are a semicircle and on each side there are 4 lines going horizontally for it whiskers . then it has a very big circle around it head and chin and under the chin there are roofs of a house around . Draw two triangle on the top off it head for it ears . Draw a long waves of heir  on the head and that is going to be it head .

Can you guess this animal?

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